“I went to see Megan after having suffered badly from very large fibroids for several years. I had previously been offered a hysterectomy as the only option because the fibroids were so large, but I didn’t want to have major surgery and could not afford to take 3 months off work. 

Megan was brilliant, very understanding and just 5 days after my first acupuncture session I could feel the reduction the size of my fibroids, clothes that I could barely fasten before felt dramatically looser and for the first time in years and I could bend to tie my own shoelaces. For me this is nothing short of a miracle

So, ladies, please don’t believe you have to put up with this and don’t be bullied into surgery-please give yourselves a break and speak to Megan first!”

Helena Johnson – 53 years old

“I first met Megan when she was giving a very interesting talk about acupuncture to a local ladies group. The leaflet I took home that evening explained the many varied ailments that acupuncture could alleviate. Having suffered from tension headaches for a while I thought I would give an acupuncture session a try. Not only has it helped the headaches but also massaging the area that has been the root cause of the problem has made such a difference. Megan is very approachable and a good listener and so the sessions are enjoyable – the needles are minute and so you do not really notice them but I do always notice how much better I feel afterwards.”

Fiona, Edinburgh

 “I’ve been in Megan’s care for 15+ years. She is a very skilled, dedicated and caring practitioner and so I would have no hesitation in recommending her”


 “I turned to alternative medicine for help with my asthma which had worsened during a period of high stress. Acupuncture, and more specifically, Megan, helped me enormously. That was over 20 years ago. I still go to Megan for regular acupuncture which helps to keep me healthy and energised.”


“I have been seeing Megan for over a year for acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies to treat various health issues. She is very knowledgeable in all of these, and tailors each treatment to whatever is needed at the time to achieve the best results. I have found the combination to be very beneficial as well as relaxing. She also produces a high-quality facial oil (Amo Oil), which is lovely to use at home in-between appointments.”

Catherine, Scottish Borders

“I’ve been going to Megan for many years and find treatments themselves extremely relaxing and benefits can be miraculous – no hay fever symptoms this summer. I feel the herbs increase the benefits of the acupuncture treatments.”

Susan White

“Megan Burt’s conscientious, caring and efficient approach to treating my life altering Osteoarthritis of the knees has been of paramount importance in helping to reduce the pain of this insidious affliction. I would highly recommend acupuncture and massage.”

Kate, Scottish Borders

“Having arrived with low back pain, Megan got to the right spot effectively and I found the treatment extremely therapeutic, relaxing and so worthwhile. Highly recommended.”

John, Edinburgh

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