This may include massage/reflexology and/or an herbal consultation.

Allow 1 hour

Acupuncture originated approximately 3,000 years ago with the discovery of how stimulation of points on the skin could affect various aspects of the body. These points (known as acupuncture points), are in very specific locations just beneath the surface of the skin and lie on channels of energy (known as the 12 meridians). It is traditionally believed that each meridian flows through a different organ before reconnecting, creating a dynamic network of energy, not unlike an electrical circuit.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the belief that each organ has a physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual component – for example, did you know that the liver could be compared to the general of an army, influencing our ability to plan and organize our lives? Every organ has its own particular personality, the balance of which can affect our ability to function on lots of different levels, not just the physical one.

A treatment with acupuncture involves using ultra-fine needles (sterile and disposable), with an average amount of 12 points used per session. On the subject of pain, does it hurt? I think you might be very surprised how relaxing it actually is!

Facial Acupuncture

This may include acupressure, use of pure organic essential oil blends for the face and a small number of body acupuncture points.

Allow 1 hour

The history of facial acupuncture is interesting and dates back thousands of years. At one time it was culturally unacceptable for an acupuncturist to touch the body or reveal any part of the flesh and so the only way to successfully administer acupuncture at all, was through the face. As the face is used diagnostically as a mirror image of the body, this treatment can be very effective when used along with body acupuncture.

What will it involve?
At your first appointment we will discuss what it is you want to achieve. Suggestions will be made as to how many treatments you will need and how regularly you should attend the clinic. As a guide, 8 weekly treatments are usually recommended.
You will firstly have facial acupuncture along with a small number of body points. This will be followed by an acupressure facial massage using an uplifting, light blend of organic oils.

Between sessions, it is recommended that you apply some acupressure techniques yourself (you will be given instructions!) and that you follow any given lifestyle advice. In some cases herbs may be recommended to take along with the treatment.
There are some contra-indications, which may prevent you from being able to have facial acupuncture. These can be clearly discussed either by telephone or email. We can also talk about any individual questions or queries you may have regarding how facial acupuncture may help you.

(Please note I am very limited to what I can say due to current advertising restrictions. If you wish to have more information about anything please contact me.)

Massage and/or Reflexology

Massage and Reflexology can be combined to make up a one-hour treatment.

Allow 1 hour
Massage prior to acupuncture in some cases can be a useful accompaniment to your treatment, helping you to relax as well as enabling a more effective session. It can be a useful way to diagnose the exact location and nature of your presenting symptom. In some circumstances it is the only treatment necessary.

Acupressure points can be shown for you to do yourself between treatments or as a preventative measure when you feel better.

Reflexology, a treatment using pressure on the feet to balance the whole body, can be used on its own as a singular treatment or in combination with massage/acupuncture.


Often “moxa”, (a compacted herb known as “mugwort” or “motherwort”), is used during a treatment. It is applied externally as a form of gentle but penetrating heat, it is deeply relaxing and helps disperse localised tension.

Auricular or Ear Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture can be effective along with general acupuncture or as a treatment by itself. Ear seeds can be taped onto the ear, which last for up to a week. The seeds can be used by yourself at home to enhance the effectiveness of treatments. All you have to do is learn how to press them in your ear the right way!

Chinese Herbs

Consultation only
Allow 30 mins

Consultation during acupuncture treatment – no charge.

There is an additional charge for the herbs themselves. Costs vary but generally around £45 – £50 for approx. three weeks’ worth.

Herbs can be prescribed separately or in conjunction with acupuncture. They have the advantage of daily administration. Traditionally, raw herbs are boiled together as an infusion; they can also be prescribed as powder (which can be put into capsules), or pills. If you want the potency of raw herbs without the hassle of boiling them, you can purchase sachets of pre-boiled formulas.

As a member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, I ensure no animal, including endangered species, or minerals are present in the herbal formulae.

Depending on your requirements, any one hour session can be made up of a combination of different treatments.

Depending on your requirements, any one hour session can be made up of a combination of different treatments.


Different seasons bring their unique strengths and weaknesses. It is useful to know which foods are most beneficial for the current season and for your own condition. If you are prone to feeling the cold in winter, for example, certain types of food can be recommended which have a warming effect.”


Megan named the oil ‘AMO’ after the Italian Princess of Nerola, Anne Marie Orsini, who was known to use Neroli to scent her clothing, bath and living quarters.

AMO Oil ™ is a combination of the essential oil Neroli and Apricot Kernal Oil. It smells great, has an uplifting therapeutic effect, and benefits the complexion.

It is made with completely natural products, nothing added.

It is great for dry, sensitive skin and can be used as a night-time moisturiser. I recommend it be used with a course of facial acupuncture, whereby it can be used by yourself at home, in combination with acupressure points on your face.

AMO Oil ™ readily absorbs into your skin and is light and non-greasy. It is high in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) and vitamins A and E. It is a rich source of antioxidants, helping to inhibit cell damage from external pollutants.

30ml bottle £22

Available to buy at clinic or by mail order (postage & packing £2.50 extra)


Payment can be made by cash, cheque or card.

Discounts are available for pre-paid blocked bookings
This can be discussed prior to or at your first treatment. It may be within your interests to check if your private health insurance covers acupuncture as the number of companies offering this is growing.

Home Visits

£75 per session.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to the value of either £48, £53.

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